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Experts at translating complex information  for your audience.




Every project has a story—let us help you craft yours. 
We combine clear language and visuals to create compelling stories that make your ideas matter.



Our design strategies increase viewer comprehension and engage diverse audiences.
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As a start up, our ability to fundraise very much depends on the quality of our pitchbook and investor materials. Drew has consistently delivered excellent work and met the fast pace demands of a start up fundraising process.


Drew's ability to take our ideas and translate them into strategic and thoughtful presentations (value add above format/graphics alone) blew our team away and helped our firm land a top tech board member. Most investors we meet with (well known VC firms) compliment the appearance of the deck, regardless of their thoughts on our business. That's a great confidence booster knowing we will nail the 1st impression.


As a founder, having a freelance partner who takes our companies success as seriously as we do is an invaluable force multiplier. Drew's work allows our management to focus on our strategy while trusting a professional to create what we would otherwise attempt.

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Verkstad is the work of Drew Meisel, former Visual Communications Manager for Nelson\Nygaard Associates. The focus of Drew's 15+ year career has been on using visual communication to improve an audience's understanding of innovative ideas, concepts, data, and the underlying tradeoffs behind potential decisions.

Every  project has a story waiting to be told. Let us help you craft yours.

Verkstad is a COBID Certified Emerging Small Business (#13356) eligible to receive credit on contracts containing COBID Certified inclusion and diversity goals. Graphic designer Portland.


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